The team we need

I can’t wait to get my hands on my NEC ballot papers and vote for Black, Woolfson, Webbe, Williams, Shawcroft & Willsman; the Momentum/Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate. Elect an NEC that wants to be accountable to members.

clgra-slateOops. Four names starting with W, that can’t help.

The team we need

One thought on “The team we need

  1. […] Over the last week, we see that a number of Labour CLPs, including mine, reported here by Jacquie Walker have been deciding not to hold meetings to make “supporting nominations” in Labour’s Leadership election. It would seem that this is a tactic to suppress support for Corbyn, to exclude the membership from talking about it with each other, particularly in constituencies where the MP is supporting Smith. In our case, our elected executive committee, a group of 13 have decided that over 2100 won’t meet, debate and collectively influence the result. This blog looks at the legalities, implications and practical consequences of the NEC rules for the Leadership election, I conclude that the bias and factional one-sidedness of the bureaucracy, in this case validated by an NEC majority is deliberate and sustained; the only way to rectify the democratic deficit in the Labour Party is to vote for and elect the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate. […]

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