I went to visit some Labour Party friends in North London last night; several of them have been “auto-excluded” from membership. This has to stop. I have developed a rule change motion [ Download here … ] or http://bit.ly/2sFM6t8.

Rule changes are submitted with a supporting text justifying themselves; The text is posted below, but in summary

The problem with the rule is in three words, automatically, support and organisation. Automatically denies the accused natural justice, support has no threshold of proof, ( tweets i.e. 128 character phrases have been taken as sufficient) and organisation can be anything, there’s no qualification of opposition or unacceptability.

If you agree, it would be good to get this on the Conference Agenda, it needs to be passed at an appropriate CLP meeting and submitted to LP HQ by July 7th.

“The Labour Party campaigns in and with communities and their organisations. It also works with other political parties although currently only the Co-op Party. Not all relationships of supporting & joining organisations other than official Labour organisations are prohibited by the rules.

Unity in electoral campaigns and compliance with the rules should be the required level of commitment. Registered supporters are asked to agree with the aims of the party and not belong to an organisation opposed to it. This should be the standard for membership.

Prohibition of support of organisations other than affiliates creates a chilling effect for joining and support of such organisations. It means working with organisations such as Hope not Hate, Liberty, Green Peace or Amnesty International may render members liable to automatic expulsion.

Automatic ineligibility is currently interpreted as allowing expulsion by administrative action. The accused is processed in secret, unable to challenge evidence, present a defence or request an appeal.  These are all breaches of the rights to natural justice. This is unacceptable in a democratic party.

This has been used in a factional manner where long-term members and Green Party converts have been expelled. Disciplinary action taken varies; members of other parties who hold public office wishing to join are usually accepted.

The purpose of this rule change is to end the arbitrary, partisan and secret exclusion of Labour Party members, so that all members that abide by Labour’s rules, are entitled to join and remain members of the Party.”



It seems the Tory submarine offensive, i.e. the secret social media advertising was spent on various anti-Corbyn attacks, which may of course lead them into problems if like some of the attacks on Dianne Abbott was based in lies about him. Their other problem, is that this isn’t what Obama (or the leave.eu campaign) did; they ran micro targeted messages and it maybe that the crude smear around Corbyn’s anti-nuclear power position helped in keeping Copeland but it could have been much worse although we don’t know it all yet. Remember Zac Goldsmith’s campaign statements about family jewelry and the garden tax smear must have come from somewhere. I had also assumed that the prominence of Labour’s plans to reverse the Tory’s inheritance tax giveaways came from this source.  It wasn’t discovered by reading the Manifesto.



The election and its results should make us all think about the fight against terrorism, and how a free society succeeds in this task and defends its freedoms and citizens.

I regret the militarisation of the fight against terrorism, we need to defend our rights and freedoms and ensure that suspects are subject to the same rule of law as the rest of us. Their actions are criminal and the response should be appropriate in that light.



Ian Smart, not always right, but on Scottish Politics  more knowledgeable than me, in this article on his blog suggests that neither the SNP, nor the DUP will vote No, on a No-Confidence vote in Parliament. The SNP are frightened of a second election and the DUP are frightened of Corbyn led Government.


Centre Left Grassroots Alliance

The Left slate for the open national positions in the Labour Party. These are for the Conference Arrangements Committee and the National Constitutional Committee.

Vote Left 2017

Conference Arrangements Committee

The Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) has a crucial role in influencing the running of conference, and therefore requires candidates who will represent the wishes of members.

The center left candidates requiring nomination are Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for the two CLP reps on the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC).

Seema Chandwani is a CLP Secretary (Tottenham CLP, Labour Party Membership Number: L1187007); and Billy Hayes is the former General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (Mitcham and Morden CLP, Labour Party Membership Number A065571).

The election for these reps will be by a One Member One Vote ballot this summer.

National Constitutional Committee.

The Left Candidates  for the two CLP reps on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) are Anna Dyer and Emine Ibrahim.

Anna Dyer is a sitting member of the NCC (Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0081865) and Emine Ibrahim is a CLP rep on the London Region’s Labour Party Board (Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0150489).

The election of these reps will be by CLP delegates at the Annual Conference in September. The nomination process will be for most CLP’s the mandate for the delegates.

Click here for pdf leaflets: Billy Hayes; Seema Chandwani; Emine Ibrahim; Anna Dyer.

Centre Left Grassroots Alliance

GE2017: Facebook

In reply to this at the BBC. I wasn’t expecting the article to be that good, or interesting. Amongst the highlights, I like,

You can’t buy likes or shares! (Actually, you can buy likes but it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions). BTW this means that our keyboard warriors activities are positive and important acts of campaigning.

Filter bubbles are both powerful manifestations of persuasive conversation and can also be merely an echo chamber of the converted or worse, an echo chamber of bots (that’d be funny). Let’s also remember that echo chambers of the converted may well have motivated offline activity, like voting.

My reading of other’s research suggests that there’s not a lot of cross partisan conversations going on online, it’s difficult to reach your opposition and that’s why you have to pay for it; free motivates your own people.

Paid Ads aren’t as effective as we’d feared, and micro targeting seems not to have worked, although the Tories held Copeland (the BBC article has an example of a Tory ad. slagging JC off for opposing nuclear power!) I am also curious as to where the opposition, seen on the doorstep & phonebanks, to Labour’s rolling back the Inheritance Tax giveaway’s came from.

Facebook is owned. It can not be trusted as a guardian of free speech,  privacy or progress. The world needs something else.

GE2017: Facebook