Jarred Anderson wrote an interesting little piece on Pulse, questioning how the right to be forgotten can be implemented in the block chain; in my view a false dichotomy since the right to be forgotten is being applied to search engines and the regulators’ need to prove non-repudiation will probably override citizens rights to privacy. It is even more interesting that he catalogues the jurisdictions implementing a strong right to privacy as Argentina and the EU; both places with histories of fascist, neo-fascist, stalinist regimes and murderous secret police forces.


2 thoughts on “Cyber-amnesia

  1. Dave says:

    And minutes later, I am pointed at Infosecurity, the GCHQ way which says,

    UK has a relatively high tolerance of state surveillance, partly based on the agencies’ Second World War reputations

    This sentence would make equal sense if one replaced UK with Germany, and high with low.

  2. Dave says:

    Actually the law offers many (6) reasons as to why personal data can be processed and not all require consent. Meeting regulatory reporting needs is one reason why personal data can be held and processed.

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